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Ober-Boerd Elise  aka "Tig"

Tig was my first purchase of an oberhasli doe. I had bought an oberhasli buck earlier in the year and was just going to breed him to my alpines, but decided to get some ober does as well.  I have never been happier about deciding to get into oberhasli. Best decision EVER!

Tig's udder is fabulous and she milks down really nicely. She is currently on milk test and has been shown.


2016- 1 single buckling

2017- twins (1d, 1b)

2018-single doe

2019- twin does (both retained)

2020- AI

2018- LA +++V82

SG Breakaway Farms TA Aidan

Aidan is a transplant from Deer Park, WA.  She consistently places high in the show ring.  She has a lovely udder with great attachments  and the best teat placement and milks very well. She has 1 leg towards her CH. She was LA'd at age 3  a  84 +VVV. In 2018 Aidan received her Superior Genetics designation. We are so proud of her and hope that her kids follow in her hoofprints!


2014- 1 doe?

2015- twins?

2016- triplets (2d, 1b)-1 doe retained (Fire)

2017- twins (1d, 1b)

2018- twin does! 1doe retained (Smarty)

2019- bred to Spicy -kidded 3/22/19 twin bucks. retained.  (Chase)

2020- AI to Haycreeks Salute Spartacus                                 





2017 shows

GDGBA Monroe Spring Show- Ring 1 RGCH & Ring 2 GCH

Fentress Co Fair- 3rd

Gwinnett Co Fair- 2nd & RGCH

GA National Fair- 2nd

SC State Fair- 2nd

2017 shows

GDGBA spring show- Ring 1 RGCH &Ring 2 RGCH

Carrollton Show- Ring 1 & 2 GCH (leg earned)

Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st & RGCH

SG Okanogan Oberhaslis Likeadiva
aka "Diva"

Diva is also a transplant from Washington State. She also comes from Okanogan Oberhaslis dairy herd.

She was the growthiest of all the 2016 kids and was bred to freshen as a yearling. She freshened with the most fabulous udder- excellent attachments and has amazed me with her production and work ethic. She continues to mature into a lovely long bodied doe. At the end of 2018 season, Diva received her Superior Genetics designation, we are so very proud of the this doe and look forward to her first daughter freshening in 2019.


2017- 1 doe (retained doe-Lucky)

2018-1 doe 

2019- kidded single buck

2020- AI

2016 shows

West GA Spring Show- 1st and GCH in both rings

Fentress Co Fair- 1st and GCH (dry leg)

Gwinnett Co Fair- 2nd

GA National Fair- 1st

SC State Fair- 1st

2017 shows

GDGBA Monroe spring show - 1st

Carrollton show- 1st and RGCH

Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st and GCH and BOB

LA- 2018 +AVV82

Haycreeks Cameron Elenor
This doe, I've always admired from afar and when she came up for purchase, I jumped on it! She competes very well in the show ring and is so far a great producer as well. We hope that she will get her milk star in 2019.
2017- single doe (Marie)
2018- dry
2019- kidded 2/15/19 twins d/b-both sold!
Elllie Mae was purchased as a package deal with with Elenor and Marie. She was bred to an Unregistered Polled buck for Recorded Grade kids in 2018. 
She took awhile, but is starting to come into her own. She has an very nice pedigree with some big names behind her. And while she has nice confirmation, she does not enjoy being led and does not walk well. We will see what happens in 2019, but she may be a stay at home doe. 
2018-1 RG (50%) doe retained (Sprite)
2019- kidded 2/2/19- single buck- sold!

GCH Quitan Obers Attn Chablis 5M*

aka "Chablis/ Chabee"

Chablis is another western doe transplant. I love these Washington does! She is a wonderful doe with fabulous lines. She's also a GCH and a top 10 2016 breed leader in milk- both in pounds produced and protein!


We love having this doe in the herd!

2018- 1 doe retained (Sen)

2019- kidded 1/31/19 twins d/b - doe ret (Pink)

LA- 2016 VVVV87

2018 +VVV84

CH Breakaway Farms LEE B4 Dawn
aka "Dawn"
Dawn is starting to look like a miniature of her dam, Denali. And is really starting to stand out in the show ring, She freshened with a beautiful udder- round and globular and high and tight with great teat placement.  She recieved her CH at age 3. She's a most promising young doe, who I hope will be around for many years to come. She is currently being leased at a local dairy.
2018- twins (1d & 1 b) 
2019-kidded 3/11/19- single doe- retained (Spunky)
2020- AI Ober-Ridge Against the odds (1 doe and 1 buck ret)
2016 shows
West GA Labor Day Show- 1st and RGCH
Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st and GCH
GA National Fair- 1st
SC State Fair- 1st
2017 shows
Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st
2019- SGBA Carrollton Classic 3-1st places and 3 BOB out of 4 rings! For her CH! 
2018- LA AAVV 80
Breakaway Farms LEE Firefly
AKA "Fire"
Fire is one of triplets born to Aidan in 2016. She may outshine her dam. She looks very similar in body and type to Aidan. She is a powerhouse in a small package.  She has a very level topline. She freshened with an acceptable udder in 2018, well attached, with great orifices and teat placement, but not a whole lot of capacity. The hope is that her next freshening her udder will look as beautiful as the rest of her! 
2018- single polled doe
2019- kidded 3/22/19- twin does, 1 sold, 1 retained (Bali)
2020- will be bred to Spicy
LA 2018- +V+A 80
Mistwood BS Elena
Elena is the 2017 doe kid of Ober-d'rainbow Eli Elis . I have high hopes for this kid, if she's anything like her dam. She is showing a lot of promise, Already I can see a long level doe, she's adapted quite well to the south and it's weather and is showing great parasite resistance.
2019- kidded 2/25/19 single doe- retained! (Ariel)

Ayrsmoss Marie 


Marie is a lovely doe, that I purchased along with her dam and half-sister, Ellie Mae in early 2018. She is the daughter of Elenor and Haycreeks X Solution Jameson. She is long and level and has a lovely disposition. I really can't wait till she freshens and I think she'll show fairly well too. She's really developing into a lovely doe. She kidded out and is already producing really well. I look forward in seeing how she continues to mature.

2019- kidded 2/17/19 single buck- sold!

Fox On Fire Luck O' the Irish
aka "Lucky"
Lucky is the 2017 daughter of Diva and Serge'. She is actually owned by my son, Will. She is his showmanship goat and the start of his herd. I have high hopes for the both of them. They have such a great bond together. You can truly see that they love each other very much, and Will can do pretty much anything with this doe. Lucky is already an overachiever like her dam and stands good reason to receive her milk star this year (1st test was 7.6lbs!)
2019-kidded 2/14/19 twin polled does! 1 doe ret (Red)
Okanogan Oberhaslis Primrose aka Prim
Prim is a kid I begged her breeder to sell me in 2017. Begged & Begged, because her lines are almost never sold. She is a very impressive kid. After she was with me for about 2 months she got very sick and after months and months of care and vet bills, you would never know now that she almost died. The vets gave her a 20% chance of being normal. She is 100% normal. Prim is polled and has 1 wattle, and is already looking like she'll be a productive doe- with her precocious udder. 
2019- kidded single polled doe (doa)
Mistwood BS Guinevere  aka Gwen
Gwen is the 2017 doe kid of Ober-d'rainbow FSO Felicity . I have high hopes for this kid, if she's anything like her dam. Doe is linebred on Ober-d'rainbow SLT Casino and 3 Gun Salute. She did not want to pose for her placed picture, but I can still see her promise.
2019-kidded 5/1/19 single buck
Okanogan Oberhaslis Go-Go Girl aka "Go-Go"

Go as we call her is a transplant from Washington State also. She is from the Okanogan Oberhaslis herd and is polled. Her parents work on a dairy. She has shown very well. She is long , level, and tall. I hope she will freshen with a fabulous udder to go along with her beautiful body.

2018- open/dry

2019- kidded 4/22/19 single polled doe

2016 shows

West GA Spring Show- 2nd & RGCH (both rings)

GADGBA Spring Show- 2nd & RGCH (ring 1)

Fentress Co Fair- 2nd & RGCH 

Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st & RGCH

GA National Fair- 1st & GCH


SGBA Carrollton Classic- RCH

GDGBA Spring Show- BOB both rings (2 Legs earned towards CH)

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