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A lot has changed since we first started our goat journey in 2013 with two unregistered Lamancha does.  Since that time we’ve expanded the herd and changed to registered animals only. We mostly focus on Oberhasli but have a thriving smaller herd of Lamancha, an Alpine, and several Experimentals/Recorded grades.

We can now be found in North Forsyth county, surrounded by  woods and Lake Lanier. 
our herd is focused on production, and show. We participate in ADGA’s performance programs- DNA, Alpha S1 Caesin testing all the bucks we use. We participate in milk testing and Linear Appraisal when it’s available as well as traveling throughout the USA for dairy goat shows and fairs.

We’ve traveled and done our own transports to bring back stock and bloodlines to our corner of the world. We often utilize AI for bringing in new genetics.

Our goal is to have a competitive dairy goat herd both in production and show. 

We also raise a limited amount of Pork from Gloustershire Old Spots and beef. We process using our local USDA processor and sell via locallygrown, farmers markets and direct from the farm.

We have one A2A2 Jersey that we will offer milk, butter and cream from as well as goat's milk products. (GA Raw pet license) 

please feel free to contact us. 

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