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Slow Turtle Farm HL Blaize

Blaize is a lovely experimental doe (3%Togg/39%Nubian/63% Saanen ) from Slow Turtle Farm, LLC in Eustis, Fl

She is a lovely doe, that is wide and has a gorgeous udder. She has a sweet biddable nature and has excellent mothering skills. It was a mutual love that brought us together and I thank Slow Turtle Farm for letting her come home with me. Blaize freshend this year with only half an udder- as she developed mastitis early and dried one side off completely. The other side continues to produce 4lbs/milking. I'm hopefully next year she'll be able to produce well from both sides, otherwise she'll be offered as a home milker in 2020.

2017- twins (d,b)

2018- twin bucks

2019- single doe (ret- "Bunny")

2020- will bred to Saanen TBD


Artesian Valley JD Cello

Cello is a very alpine looking kid. She is long and level with a very pretty head. She freshened 2/14/19 and is maturing into a nice milker. She's a bit immature currently, but I think as the season goes by she'll be aging with grace. Already produces well- 6 to 7lbs of milk a day. 

2019 Kidded 2/14/19 large flashy polled buck kid- Sold 

2020- will be bred to Spicy (50% Oberhasli, 35% Alpine, 15% Togg)

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