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Fox on Fire HNS Smarty Pants

Smarty is the 2018 daughter of Spicy and SG Aidan. She is polled. She has a very level topline and has an in-your-pocket personality. She remained a dry yearling for 2019 and will be bred in the fall to Spirit.

Planned pedigree
Fox on Fire SA Chihiro
aka "Sen"

Sen is the daughter of Spirit and Chablis. She is very correct and very level. I have very big dreams for this doe. She has already placed in the top 20 at the ADGA National show in 2018 (13th). She remained a dry yearling in 2019 and will be bred in the fall to Spicy.

Planned pedigree
Fox on Fire HNS Ariel
aka "Ariel"

Ariel is the daughter of Elena and Spicy. Ariel was born 2/25/19. She is a wide, level, growthy kid. She earned her dry leg this spring. 

Plan to breed her this fall to Tommy.

Planned pedigree
Fox on Fire Lots of Love
aka "Red"

Red is the daughter of Spicy and Lucky. She is my son's promised doe from his own Lucky- and his choice between the twins.  She is the spitting image of her Sire. She is a growthy girl and I hope to breed her to Tommy this fall.

Planned pedigree
Fox on Fire Spirit of Denali
aka "Spunky"

Spunky is the daughter of Dawn and Spirit. She is growing well and I expect great things from her. She will remain dry for 2020.

Luvruc LK LOL

Loud is a spur of the moment purchase from Idaho and the Luvruc/Vanjust herd. She is very wide and level and I hope she continues to mature into a fine doe.

Fox on Fire SA Magpie
aka "Maggie"

Maggie is the daughter of Wren and Spirit. She will remain dry for 2020.

Fox on Fire SA Zenyatta
aka "Zen"

Zen is the daughter of Tig and Spirit Zen is currently for sale. She is a little bit small, due to a missed parasite issue-that has since been resolved. She is growing well and is quite feisty! She will remain dry for 2020,

Fox on Fire SA Winx
aka "Winx"

Winx is the daughter of Tig and Spirit. Winx is a favorite, she has been looking so nice lately. Already in the show ring she has started to also do well.

Mtn State fair in NC, she was first in her class and came close to winning jr champion! She will remain dry for 2020.

Burnt Mountain Farm Willow

Arysmoss Legacy's Sprite "Sprite"

Sprite is the daughter of  Ellie Mae. She was born 4/12/18. When she was born, she weighed a mere 2lbs! Super tiny, she is growing well, and is sweet and in your pocket as bottle babies tend to be. She is part of my son's fledging youth herd and I can already see the bond they share. 


2020- will be bred to Spirit (1 doe ret)


Willow is a recent spur of the moment purchase (2019). I saw her, and her pedigree and thought she would really work out well. She is already a large, full-bodied doe with width and depth and nice teat placement. I really can't wait to get her into the show ring and see what the judges think. She was bred to Spirit 9/4/19! 




NC Mtn State fair- 2nd place

Gwinnett County fair- 1st place and Reserve champion

Alabama state fair- 

SC State fair- 

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