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Montage TA Regal Revival 
aka "Moose" 
photo used with permission from Heritage Spots & Feathers

 Tragically we lost Rumor late 2017. He will be missed and we will be retaining one of his bucklings from one of our Alpine does for use next year. 

*B Sunrising Zehphyros Rumorhasit aka "Rumor"

Milar-Farm Blaze of Glory 
aka "Blaze" 

Tragically we lost Blaze to a significantly difficult kidding in 2018. We are saddened by our loss. Blaze is Babe's 2015 kid. She is very nicely put together, if a bit short for her age. 

We have retained her 2017 experimental doe kid and her 2018 american Alpine son.


2017- twins (1d, 1b) (doe retained Black Magic-Experimental)

2018- twins (2 bucks)- 1 retained (Glory- American Alpine)


2016 shows

Gwinnett Co Fair- 5th place

SC State Fair- 4th place

GA National Fair- 3rd Place

2017 shows

Gwinnett co Fair- 4th place

Milar-Farm Fancy Magic
 aka "Babe" 1M*

Babe is one of the first Alpines I got. She came from a dairy in Carrollton, GA. She was already bred when I bought her in 2014. . Babe has a capacious udder and milks well. In 2016 she peaked at 14lbs/day of milk production.

Babe's udder is not what I call a show quality udder, however her lines are excellent and she milks beyond what I expect. She consistently milks her flesh off each year and always needs a little extra in her feed. She recently received her milk star for all 3 categories (pounds produced, butterfat, & protein).


2015: twin does

2016: twins (buck and doe)

2017: twin bucks

2018: aborted accidentally and then reabsorbed 

doe lost to udder incident


Fox on Fire Son of a Witch 

aka "Liir"

Liir is the 2018 son of Elphaba and Rumor. He is a long level, wide buck. He is a two-tone chamiose w/ blaze and wattles. He has been bred to one doe in 2019. He was sold in 2018 as we have a very small alpine herd and only needed one buck. 

Hull's WRAW Fragrance 1M*
Fragrance is a big, and beautiful French Alpine Doe. She was purchased this year to improve the Alpine herd.  She is long with good depth of barrel and power.  Her mammary system is carried extremely high and is tightly attached to her body wall. .
She has her milk star (1M*) and was LA'd at age 7 90EEEV Also Alpha Casein A/F
sold to Slow Turtle Farm, LLC
Eustis, FL

Mill-Valley Defying Gravity aka "Elphaba"

Elphaba or Elphie as we call her came from a herd in Michigan. She has been shown  and has done fairly well. She has been maturing a lot like a fine wine. Takes her some time and she's been coming along great.  She has a lovely udder with nice attachments. 


 She is on milk test currently.

2018 LA- +++V83


2017- twins (2d)

2018- twins (1d, 1b) 1 d retained (Glenda), 1b sold 12/18

2019- bred to Glory- kidded 3/28/19 triplet does. 2 does available for sale $400 registered

2017 shows

Gwinnett Place Fair- 3rd place


Fox on Fire the Good Witch
aka "Glenda"

Glenda is the 2018 daughter of Elphaba and Rumor. She is almost a carbon copy of her dam with better feet and legs and is very flashy! She is currently a bit stout but is starting to put on some height and has a lovely head and a great easy-going disposition like her dam. Glenda is already showing parasite resistance- a VERY good thing in the South!


Fox on Fire Rumor of Spring

Spring is the 2018 daughter of Summer and Rumor. She is a long level doe with a lovely temperament and very nice confirmation. Freshened on 5/6/19 with twins.  Still immature- but I will assume she'll age gracefully like her dam. She has a lovely well-attached udder and great teat size and placement.

Since we are downsizing the Alpines to focus more on the Oberhasli. Spring is currently for sale. Preference is given to herds that participate in ADGA Performance programs

2019- freshened 5/6/19 twin b/d


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