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The SDR Crissie  1M*

aka Crissie

Crissie is a 50/50 cross of a Toggenburg and an Alpine. She is currently my oldest doe. I hope that she will be able to give me a couple of kids before I retire her. Crissie is very level and has a beautiful ideal mammary.  A very well attached udder is high and wide in the rear with adequate fore extension with small well delianated teats. 

She has her milk star and is currently on test. She was LA'd at age 7 and was appraised at a 90EEEV

Alpha Casein F/F

She was bred in 2018 to Dragon, but tragically lost her life 4 days before she was due to kid, for unknown reasons. We are super sad that she has left the herd. We hope that she lives on in her daughter Cello.



Majik decided to jump fences and breed some oberhasli in 2018.

We look forward to seeing what he produces.

photos used with permission from udderly southern dairy goats & big 'k' farms



MAC did some fence jumping before he was sold and decided to breed some Oberhasli!

We look forward to seeing what he produces. 

DNA tested

LA- 2018- VVV87


photos used with permission from udderly southern dairy goats


Fox On Fire Black Magic

Magic is the daughter of Blaze and Serge. She is 50% Alpine and 50% Oberhasli

She is a petite and dairy looking kid. She is currently bred to Spicy and kids will be 75% Oberhasli.


Magic is for sale for $300! She is in milk, and is learning the ropes of what it is to be a milker, including milk stand training, hand milking and machine milking. She is doing really well and is a joy to milk.

2019-kidded 3/9/19- single buck- SOLD

doe in milk sold 3/16/19

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