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Breakaway Farms TA Denali

Denali has had a very successful show career for 2016. and 2017.  Unfortunately we lost Denali in the Spring of  2017 to a freak accident. Super saddened by this news we have retained her 2016 doe kid and her 2017 buck kid. 

We hope that Denali will continue to live on through her progeny. She is dearly missed. 


2016 shows

West GA Labor Day show-1st and RGCH

Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st and GCH

GA National Fair- 1st and GCH

SC State Fair- 1st

2017 shows

GDDGBA spring show- 1st and GCH both rings (2 legs towards CH) 

In Theory Solar Eclipse 2M*
aka "Black Diva" or "Eclipse"

Diva was purchased from In Theory Farm, in North Carolina.. And we are VERY excited about her. Her dam and sire both championed at age 3 and both have high LA scores. She's showed very well in 2016 and is currently on milk test. She has a capracious udder and milks out very wells. She has excellent feet and legs. She earned her milk star in 2017 for pounds of butterfat produced. She will be linear appraised in 2018.


2016- 1 single buck

2017- twins (1b, 1d)

2018- twins (2 b) 

2018- sold doe in milk

2016 Shows

Fentress Co Fair- 1st

West GA Labor Day Show- 1st

Gwinnett Co Fair- 1st

GA National Fair- 1st

SC State Fair- 1st

2017 shows

Gwinnett Co Fair- 2nd

At the Farm Notte Sento Serge
Serge was one of my first purchases into the Oberhasli breed. He is an excellent buck. He is polled, and throws polled kids well. He's not a super large buck, but a true medium-large Oberhasli. He's long and level and had very nice feet and legs which he gives to all his kids. He keeps his weight well, even through rut. and resists parasites well without constant deworming needed. Temperament-wise he's very easy to handle no matter what.  He's also the spitting image of his grandfather (Rachelsie Notte Sento)
He has been DNA typed and collected. He has one leg towards his CH. He was sold in 2018 to make room for new bucks. He is missed in our herd, but we have 2 daughters and he is in our tank!
2018- LA +VV82
limited Semen is available. 5 straws/$300
Fox on Fire HNS Scotch Bonnet
aka "Bonnie"

Bonnie is the daughter of Spicy and Dawn. She very similar to her dam and granddam. She has been dam raised, and while not in your pocket like most bottle babies, still consents to be handled and leads well. Has been shown and placed in top 10. Originally I had hoped to retain this kid, but find myself counting heads and she is now being offered for sale.


Bonnie is sold and went to a great home in East Georgia!

Fox on Fire TRE Drakkina
aka "Kina"

Kina is the daughter of Dragon and Tig . She looks like her dam and has the size of her sire already! 

I'm really liking the looks of this kid and she has been bred to Chester for May 2019 kids.

we tragically lost Kina to a sudden illness we could not cure, poor Kina from. We are going to miss this young quirky doe and miss seeing the kids she would have given us from Chester. 

Fox on Fire TRE Saphira
aka "Villain"

Villian makes her home with the Yellow Game Ranch now. She has wormed her way into the hearts of the owners and enjoys telling the other goats and everyone else how it should be! We wish her lots of luck at her new place of residence!

A lot of her attitude reminds me of her dam and she even has wattles! 

2019-bred to Trillium Hollow Kismee In Majik

50/50 Nubian/Oberhasli Experimental

kidded 4/2/19- twin bucks

Trinity Rose Wren
Wren is easygoing, outgoing and just a love. She is very dairy, with a well attached udder. She is just starting to come into her own. She freshend in 2018 with a gorgeous, still very well attached udder.  And was milking about 6.5lbs/day. 
2017- twin bucklings
2018-  single polled black doeling
2019- bred to Spirit 10/22/18- kidded 3/22/19 single polled doe- retained
 Adult doe will  be for sale in milk in 2019.  $400-SOLD
2017 shows
Gwinnett Co Fair 1st place
Trinity Rose Eragon
          aka Dragon
Dragon is a big boy, he brings a lot of milk to (he has visible teats, that fill each year :D) He's also the AI son of FDF Pleasant Fields My Time.
He was LA'd at age 3 88 EVE. 
He has been collected and limited semen in available 10/$100
He has been DNA'd and is Alpha-Casein F/01
Used with permission from ©Trinity rose Farm
*B Sir Echo Subu's Prince 
aka "Chester"
Chester came all the way from the Sir Echo herd in AZ in 2018. He is 100% Oberhasli but because his coat color is Chestnut he is registered as Experimental. However, we feel that he is a great investment. For bloodlines, temperament and confirmation!
We lost Chester quite suddenly and for reasons unknown (possibly choke and bloat) in Summer of 2019. We are greatly saddened by his loss and potential impact he may have made on the herd. One day we may purchase another chestnut, but for now we will focus on our other lines. 
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